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About Our Weddings

Above is a YouTube presentation showing some recent work with Wedding Dresses and other items, click the YouTube button below for more videos.

  • 1. We have a history of outstanding results and love what we are doing
  • 2. We plan, we plan, we your and our day is stress free
  • 3. You retain copyright
  • 4. We can provide a slideshow at your reception and often work with 2 photographers
  • 5. We are reliable and dedicated
  • 6. Your guests can go crazy in our photobooth
  • 7. We are great with mother-in-laws! :-)

Wedding Gallery

Below is a small selection of images to give you as idea of what to expect with Hothouse Photography.

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" We chose Hothouse Photography because John made us feel comfortable with what we wanted and nothing was too much for him to do. Hothouse exceeded all our expectations with our wedding and the photos came out awesome. They are so easy to take photos for and made us feel really comfortable. Hothouse will most definitely be our 1st choice for a photographer in the future!"
Ben and Sherie

"John did an excellent job with the photography for our wedding. He has a friendly, fun personality and his creative vision resulted in fantastic photos that captured every moment from our big day. We highly recommend Hot House Photography to anyone looking for a personable and professional photographer."
Richard and Kylie

"We had the most fantastic day - just like I dreamed it would be - but the best part is we have those memories captured forever. We got JR from Hothouse Photography to do our wedding pictures and that proved to be the best decision! He made it so easy and took the most amazing photos. I told him right from the start he had a challenge on his hands as I am not very photogenic but I haven't wanted to throw away any of the photos he took. He is very innovative and came up with some great spots for photos and did the most amazing thing for our after party - just ask him what he can do with that computer!"
Mike and Rachel

Wedding Package Info

Below is some information about how we operate and a typical Wedding Photography process. For more details of specifics within packages and prices please enquire via the details on our contacts page.

Although we do some weddings with one professional photographer we generally do Weddings with 2 photographers. The additional cost is not significant as most of the work prior and after the day is done by one person but on the day we operate with 2 professional cameras. With a male and female perspective all angles are covered. Wedding days are full of emotion and moments that deserve capturing for a lifetime and it is twice as likely that we will totally delight you with 2 brains and creative heads that are determined to get the best for you.

Whilst being confident that we can provide you with some inspirational moments in time, Wedding photography is also about hard work in planning, most of which you will never see.  We have comprehensive checklists and prior to your wedding day we shoot every location to check light and angles.  This allows some space to try a few spontaneous shots when the big day arrives. 

We believe that you own the use of all the photos we take without copyright restriction and to present pricing with total transparency so that there are no hidden or last minute cost surprises. You will be fully aware of all costs upfront.

Lastly, but most importantly, we strongly believe this day should be fun and if we have all the preparation in place this day can be enjoyed in all aspects including the capturing of your special memories.

How it works….

Prior to the Wedding

We consult with you about what's important for your day:

Family and Friends who matter,

Your personal interests that may be able to be included in the photos, i.e. pets, cars, tattoos, hobbies, children, etc.

What style of pictures you want,

Some suitable sites and timing for pictures on the day, and prior.

 We will then go to the venue and find and test shoot the best locations for wet and dry day shooting.

Prior Shots

The rings, and possibly bride and/or groom (e.g. at a dress rehearsal or in clothes that connect with you). Additionally things of significance to you may be shot prior to the day.

On the Day Process

A full day shooting: preparation, ceremony, standard photos of family etc, and then, the fun part!, a range of pictures as conservative or crazy as you wish, including mainly the bride and groom but also the wedding party, prior to the reception.  

If desired we will provide a 40 inch LCD TV which will display a slideshow of some of the best pictures of the day.

After the Big Day

A basic set of the best photos for your friends and family who couldn't attend or for you to view on honeymoon, provided by an online slideshow.

Digital Manipulation of the main set of photos to ensure you are looking your best.

Some basic digital enhancement (generally only subtle enhancement as we believe this works best).

A framed series of pictures (many options)

A CD with all the photos so you can reprint what you wish

A slideshow with music on CD.

A digital album, either basic or high-end family heirloom style depending on your budget.

Cost and Guarantee

Rates vary based on the chosen options but we are always looking to provide value for money packaged options.  We are not the cheapest Wedding Photographers in New Zealand, or the most expensive.  A deposit to confirm the date of 30% of the fee is required upfront and the balance is required 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. We will provide a full refund if you are not delighted with our services.


John Roestenburg

Hothouse Photography

Real Estate Services Overview

Why choose professionally taken photographs? We will ensure the best exposure of your best asset from the best angles.

  • 1. Elevated photos - up to 50 feet with our imported polecam
  • 2. Super wide angle lenses - show all the best features
  • 3. Flash lighting - that extend your buyer's view
  • 4. Night shots - provide an insight into the moods of you property
  • 5. Digital Image Manipulation - get the highest quality possible
  • 6. Our photos will sell your house

Real Estate Price List


All prices exclude GST

  • House under $200K value $125.00
  • House over $200K value $150.00
  • House plus Twilight Pics $230.00
  • Polecam Shots - with other package $60.00

Real Estate Gallery

Below is a small selection of images to give you as idea of what to expect with Hothouse Phtoography.

To view a wider range house picture examples please view our external online database here.


Why choose our portfolios?

  • 1. We provide free talent agency listings through our sister site
  • 2. We provide a unique angle to every portfolio
  • 3. Between 30 and 60 high resolution images so you or your agency can choose the best
  • 4. Provided to you on CD within 24 hours
  • 5. Digital Image Manipulation - where needed, the example image to the left is untouched
  • 6. We guarantee you will be delighted, or dont pay us.

Portfolio Gallery

STOP PRESS: Check out our sister site to view the amazing actors and models on our region.

Below is a small selection of images to give you as idea of what to expect with Hothouse Photography.

To view a wider range of pics from these shoots please view our external online database here.


Hothouse Photography
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